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My name is Regina Cannella and I am a Riverland terrace native from the cradle to present time.  Riverland Terrace is in my heart and blood. Since the onset of my real estate studies, and subsequently passing my real estate exams on my first try, I saw a huge need to write a short guide to help other real estate students do the same.  

If you or anyone you know are desirous of studying for the real estate licensing exams, my short book could be of great help to assist in helping you - or them - pass these challenging exams.  You CAN Pass Your Real Estate Exams is now available on Amazon in ebook or paperback form.



My Story

Being a Riverland Terrace native, I've seen many changes over the years.  From a quiet, low key neighborhood, to not only a highly desirable place to live, but a bustling business epicenter as well.


 I remember the Red & White grocery store, and then Doscher's Groceries where the Terrace Theater now resides.  In my mother's youth, there was once a Piggly Wiggly on the corner of Plymouth Ave and Wappoo Dr., where several small businesses now thrive.

The Ft. Pemberton bunkers on Aubrey Street were once called, "Thompson's woods" and it was THE place to fly wildly like a banshee on bikes up, down and through those old civil war mounds.  


The fire station / boat ramp was also where we'd spend hours jumping into the water from our Wappoo Cut yard and float on a surfboard to the boat was truly the deliscious height of a sweltering summer's day.


My grandmother taught at Riverland Terrace Elementary where my mother went to school, as did my older brother and myself.  In it's place now stands a community garden and ball field.

Today, Riverland Terrace is a metropolis of small, local businesses.  As a local REALTOR, I saw the absolute need for a platform to showcase our beloved neighborhood's trades.  Here at the I Heart Riverland Terrace website, you'll find an A-Z directory of businesses, their contact info and location, as well as any coupons or specials they may currently be promoting.

If you or anyone you know may be running a Riverland Terrace business under the radar, meaning at from home, and you think they'd like to be featured on my site - for free - please contact me at


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to help others with their real estate needs.  Let's connect.


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